Dr. Tigist Yeshiwas Engdaw

Affiliated Organizations
  • International Consultant in Peace and Security
  • Senior Advisor on Conflict Prevention and Recovery, UNDP
  • Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding and Recovery, UNDP/ MoP
  • Assistant Professor in Peace and Security Studies, Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University

Please tell us about your work in peace education. What are the issues and contexts in which you have worked? What have been some of the challenges you've encountered and how have you overcome them?

Published a book on : Peace Education for Youth Violence Prevention in Africa
Published handbook on : Peacebuilding and Resilience in Ethiopia
Advocated/ lobby  for over 15 years for Peace Education  Curriculum to be included in Ethiopia, Africa and the Globe.

What has been your most meaningful or noteworthy moment in your peace education career?
  • Received  the UNESCO Young Researchers Award
  • Peace Education Curriculum is introduced from Kindergarten up-to University level in Ethiopia schools
  • Futured  in Carrier Girls USA, talked about Peace Education among others it  is on  the YouTube below

How and why did you start working in peace education? What is your motivation for this work?

When i went to University for Peace in  2008 for my post graduate degree in gender and peacebuilding, i took some courses on peace education and human rights by Professor Tony Jenkins and other professors, that opened my eyes and my interest  to work on peace education.  I am passionate about peace, justice and human rights issues. I advocate/ lobby/ research on human rights violations, in  promoting peace education and justice in my over decades of my carrier.

What keeps you going? How do you sustain yourself in this work?

To see change  in attitudes and behaviours , to see a better world. Where human rights , justice and peace is respected.  Wanted to contribute my share globally.