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Board Director , International College of Peace Studies Nairobi, Kenya

We promote peace through International College of Peace Studies through training and peace walks in collaboration with the Global Peace Signature initiative. We also work through churches and schools visits and communities on matters peace promotions.

Peace match in Migori County in Kenya where thousands of peoole turned up to pray and make peace with their God and one another in order for the County to enjoy peace moments. The experience was attended by the County first lady, Deputy Governor, Key Government Officials, Bishops , Clergys, Pastors and the greatest was the Community who turned up in Large numbers. The experience was planned by the National Peace Council for the Global Peace Signature lead by His Eminence who is the Provost of ICOPS (International College of Peace Studies).

I started in 2008 after the disputed national elections in our country which caused a lot of instability and clashes. The clashes affected my family directly as i was far from my children and it was difficult to crisscross the country to go home. It took the national leader Kofi Annan and many other leaders to intervene and that is when we started small discussions of peace within churches and community.

My motivation comes from the inner self of positive decisions always and the blessings of God in my life. A supportive family also are always near to help where needed.

  1. The peace of God that strengthens me every step of this life
  2. The response of people when you encourage them and their enthusiasm
  3. The true response of leadership spearheading global peace initiatives
  4. Support of national players in the country and community
  5. Continuous self motivation and motivation from key players help me continuously strife onwards every time