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Daystar Institute Africa,   Team leader Africa

Director, World Light Africa Uganda

Member of International Institute of Humanitarian Diplomacy

My part of work in peace education is interaction and offering counseling sessions to the people in the different refugee camps for instance, the refugees from South Sudan who are in Rhino camp Uganda and those in Kalobeyei resettlement camp in Kenya. These interactions help the refugees to forgive the past and move on. It also helps to heal one from bitterness. These are people who were affected by the different tribal conflicts in South Sudan.

I also reach out to students in boarder districts especially Paidha  located in zombo  district which boarders Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo to sensitize them about peace and reconciliation.

From the time I started interacting with some of the refugees some have been able to travel back home in south Sudan and this has granted me open doors to south Sudan to interact and talk to others who are home in South Sudan

In 2020, when our organization had a theological training session in Arua, most of the members who attended were from Rhino camp who specifically were refugees who came from south Sudan, so one of the topics during the training was about forgiveness where members shared different life stories why forgiveness was hard, so when we engaged them more, they were able to share what transpired during the war and the after effects, this motivated me to start telling them more how forgiveness and reconciliation can be achieved, through this, I was able to gain access to Kalobeyei resettlement camp in North Kenya and also teach more of forgiveness  and reconciliation.

To me this is a principle, to promote peace and ensure that my surrounding is conflict free