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  1. I am a diocesan Bishop with NICA church.
  2. Am a religious advisor office of the governor Isiolo.
  3. Am a peace ambassador awarded by the global peace signature and initiative of international college of peace studies.
  4. I've head of state commendation
  5. I sit in the council of eminent persons for northern frontier counties, among many other responsibilities in the country.

I've been involved in P/CVE, I've been involved in peace building and conflict management in the region.

I've been involved in Christian- Muslim relations building etc.

The main challenges have been;-

  1. Vastness of the area involved
  2. Lack of adequate resources
  3. Lack of political good will
  4. Porous borders leading to availability of illegal arms hence causing insecurity.
  5. Negative cultural practices etc

A conflict arose between Christians and Muslims in Merti Sub-county in Isiolo.

The Muslims girls were demanding wearing of hijabs in a Christian school.

This conflict caused the school to be closed for sometime until we intervened.

We had mediation and peace building initiative between the two waring communities and we arrived to a peaceful resolution accepted by both sides.

  1. The book of Matthew chapter 5 "Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called chicken of God" is my main source of inspiration.
  2. Having grown up from a volatile community, the need for peace actors cannot be under estimated.


  1. Support of family and friends
  2. Seeing my small effort having a positive effect to our community.

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