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Dr. Kennedy Waningu, President, International College of Peace Studies, Nairobi

The first part of the work I'm involved in is training peace education, peace-building and conflict resolutions programs to leaders, and peoples in the communities, including religious leaders and other organizations. The second part my peace work is the Global Peace Appeal that holds World Peace Parades and the International Peace Ribbon Tours around the world, appealing to global leaders for peaceful conflict resolution methods.

One of the challenges I have encountered is how different peoples, cultures, and communities interpret the subject of peace. Due to this different understanding and interpretations, this challenge has given us strength to put more efforts on peace education, and the understanding of positive and negative peace. We are trying to help institutions/organizations, political leaders and schools to understand the real meaning of peace, that’s purely PEACEFUL.

Over the years that I dealt with matters peace, peace-building, conflict resolutions and peace education, The Global Peace Appeal International Peace Ribbon Tour has been a phenomenon of transformation and widely, accepted by many cultures and leaders.

One of the success stories in summary the Global Peace Signature- International Peace Ribbon Tour is bringing governments, communities, and leaders from all walks of life together in the cities that we have visited, it has become a symbol of unity and oneness in advocating for peace globally, this is something that I had not seen before in my work towards peace.

I was touched by the 2007/8 General election violence in Kenya. If we can have all our communities living peacefully that would be something to be proud of. Peace brings both social  and economic prosperity.

To me this is an assignment from God, that’s my belief (Matthew 5:9). Building relationship and networks, with the same minded people of peace worldwide, leaning new things in matters peace from those that ahead and from different communities.

Launch of the International Peace Ribbon.

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