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  • International Consultant in Peace and Security
  • Senior Advisor on Conflict Prevention and Recovery, UNDP
  • Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding and Recovery, UNDP/ MoP
  • Assistant Professor in Peace and Security Studies, Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University

Published a book on : Peace Education for Youth Violence Prevention in Africa
Published handbook on : Peacebuilding and Resilience in Ethiopia
Advocated/ lobby  for over 15 years for Peace Education  Curriculum to be included in Ethiopia, Africa and the Globe.

  • Received  the UNESCO Young Researchers Award
  • Peace Education Curriculum is introduced from Kindergarten up-to University level in Ethiopia schools
  • Futured  in Carrier Girls USA, talked about Peace Education among others it  is on  the YouTube below

When i went to University for Peace in  2008 for my post graduate degree in gender and peacebuilding, i took some courses on peace education and human rights by Professor Tony Jenkins and other professors, that opened my eyes and my interest  to work on peace education.  I am passionate about peace, justice and human rights issues. I advocate/ lobby/ research on human rights violations, in  promoting peace education and justice in my over decades of my carrier.

To see change  in attitudes and behaviours , to see a better world. Where human rights , justice and peace is respected.  Wanted to contribute my share globally.

The video above comes from a series produced by "Career Girls." You can find the other videos in the series here.