Amb. Dominic Obadiah

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NameAmb. Dominic Obadiah
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Ambassador for special programs and international relations, office of his eminence, International College of Peace Studies, Nairobi-Kenya.

iChangenations world Civility Ambassador

Country of origin / País de origenKenya
Country where you do your workKenya
Please tell us about your work in peace education. / Cuéntenos sobre su trabajo en la educación para la paz.

I am trained and passionate humanitarian diplomat, Humanitarian Chaplain and a peace ambassador. My major focus is training the youth in learning institutions on the importance of maintaining peace in their respective communities.

Besides, I am involved in global peace appeal that conducts peace parades worldwide. The Global peace parade is run by the international college of peace under the guidance of the Provost His eminence Dr. Kennedy Waningu. I volunteer as a peace ambassador and help promote the event and physically get involved in the field whenever the parade is being conducted. Peace is paramount to all humanity. Its the best way to solve conflicts. Presence of peace helps communities and economies thrive.

The main challenge in my commitment to peace is negative political influence. Politicians use the youth to advance their personal interests. Such politicians manipulate the youth to cause violence and war. As part of our institution. I am committed  to help mentor, rain and inspire  the youth in schools and colleges to say NO to violence. Peace is all we need.

Start in the field & motivations / Inicio en este campo y motivaciones

Politically instigated protest in Africa always turn violent. Lives are lost and property is destroyed. I choose to train the youth in Africa to see the need to maintain peace in their respective countries. Africa will flourish and grow as one big family.

Significant Career Moments & Success Stories / Momentos significativos de tu carrera y historias de éxito

Global peace Ribbon has opened my eyes. I see the true meaning and importance of  peace in our communities. We are having less violence as compared to the past.

What keeps you going? / ¿Qué te hace seguir?

As a Christian I believe in the great commission. I believe in being the agent of peace I wish to see in the world. My purpose and calling is to take peace message to all corners of the world.

Additional info / Información adicional

I desire to take the global peace ribbon to the four corners of the world. This is my assignment and calling.

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