Akunkel Issaka Musah, Executive Director

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NameAkunkel Issaka Musah, Executive Director
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Country of origin / País de origenGhana
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Please tell us about your work in peace education. / Cuéntenos sobre su trabajo en la educación para la paz.

LACPSA-GHANA exists to advocate, educate, and collaborate for non-violence, peace, and security in the Ghanaian society and the sub-region.

We do these through community education and the establishment of LACPSA-PCT CLUBS to get community members and schools to behave non-violently. Particularly those at border areas across the country.

The vision of LACPSA-GHANA is to have the citizenry accept and practice nonviolence, build peace and transform, identify any see, action and or character that may disturb peace and spark insecurity and effectually resolve, mediate, or report any problem.

The challenge is that the process of quickening peace education across the country and the sub-region is very slow because of resources. My team is motivated to stay connected and focused knowing that someday we will achieve our objective of getting everyone everywhere to THINK PEACE and PRACTICE NON-VIOLENCE. This is what keeps us moving.

Also, mobility materials such as cross-country vehicles (to move from southern to northern and eastern to western part of the country), motorbikes for our agents to coordinate our peace activities, mobile phones and free airtime, and an ICT Centre with an internet portal to engage the public to interact or report crime live-time with precision.

Notwithstanding the above challenges, as a security and climate change analyst, I have secured a temporal facility (though uncompleted) to house LACPSA-GHANA sub-regional headquarters in Zebilla, the upper east region of Ghana to coordinate the activities of peacebuilding in basic schools and border communities, especially the conflict-affected areas.

We are in the process of soliciting funds to make the facility very habitable for the regional office.

At the same time, we have mobilized resources largely from family, friends, and personal income. Few volunteers who are self-motivated and demonstrate the love for peace often assist us with the LACPSA-PCT CLUBs in communities like Accra, Zebilla, and other parts of the country. I often use my saloon car for the rounds and where possible we depend on a family brother who has 4x4 vehicle to travel across the country to supervise and gather intelligence for our projects.

Start in the field & motivations / Inicio en este campo y motivaciones

I have the unquenchable desire to build peace because PEACE is good. For this reason, I studied Conflict, Peace, and Security at the KOFI ANNAN INTERNATION PEACEKEEPING TRAINING CENTRE ACCRA. Also, I studied Disarmament Demobilization & Reintegration hence a DDR practitioner. And I am also a Strategic Communicator so I use these to drive my interest in peacebuilding.

Also, growing up in a conflict-affected area, PEACE is a priority to me.  Therefore, my love for PEACE is NOT an accident.

Significant Career Moments & Success Stories / Momentos significativos de tu carrera y historias de éxito

The most noteworthy moment for us is the willingness of the Ghanaian media to support our initiatives for peace education and climate change. They are arms-opened for any collaboration for the peace of the country and sub-region and for us at LACPSA-GHANA, it’s a significant moment for us.

Another remarkable moment is the cooperation from the Ghanaian chiefs, opinion leaders as well and actors to support any peace efforts in the communities.

Both young and old, literate, or illiterate appreciate the need to join hands to demilitarize, name and shame crime-related for a peaceful society. This comes on the back of many chieftaincy conflicts and growing instability within the sub-region and its resulting consequences.

I am glad to announce that we have several innovative and integrated peace, security, and climate change campaigns opened for collaboration. It will take an effective peace education to contain the situation in the sub-region.

Kindly find a link to the press statement we issued to assist policymakers and actors in the peace architecture on the way to tackling the insecurity in the country and the sub-region. 

Please find the link to peruse our views on Climate Change and other related security matters on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What keeps you going? / ¿Qué te hace seguir?

Support from family, friends, peace-loving individuals, and personal income is what sustains me and my team at LACPSA-GHANA. My motivation is that the work of PEACE is GODLY therefore, someday society will practice non-violent, social justice and harmony, and humanity will be the winner.

Additional info / Información adicional

The West African sub-region has a lot of conflicts around and this is a threat to the peace, security, and social justice within the sub-region therefore the time to act is now!


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