Arantza Peralta Lavin

MAIN Photo / Foto Principal
NameArantza Peralta Lavin
Affiliated Organizations

Anti-Racism Program Lead, Medecins Sans Frontieres

Country of origin / País de origenMexico
Country where you do your workMexico
Please tell us about your work in peace education. / Cuéntenos sobre su trabajo en la educación para la paz.

I've been working with different communities in situations of vulnerability, such as: migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, people inside prison, people with mental health problems, children in orphanages (among others). I have worked in the fields of safeguarding, protection, Gender-Based Violence, Anti-Racism, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and through the use of theater to equip people with tools to express themselves and their needs.

Start in the field & motivations / Inicio en este campo y motivaciones

I started working in the field because I witnessed the impact of violence and oppression and acknowledged that in situations of injustice, staying neutral is being complicit with injustice.

What keeps you going? / ¿Qué te hace seguir?

I am committed to the dismantling of systems of violence and oppression through Peace Education, Transformational Action, and a personal commitment to being the change I want to see in the world.

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