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Coordinator of the Cultural Collective Fora da Caixa (Out of the Box), Graduated in Philosophy and Master in Communication and Culture.


Country of origin / País de origenBrazil
Country where you do your workBrazil
Please tell us about your work in peace education. / Cuéntenos sobre su trabajo en la educación para la paz.

Since I started my studies in mythology and philosophy in 1993, I have always been interested in teachings and contemplative practices, which seek to reflect on happiness and how to find ways to live in a harmonious and healthy way. I joined the group of Multipliers in Ethics at the Palas Athena Association (S. P.), an institution where, between 1997 and 2004, I studied and worked as a mythology teacher inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell. I completed my degree in Philosophy (UNISO) in 2006. Among my studies and works, there are some translations into Portuguese of His Holiness Dalai Lama’s lectures to the ECO 92 Brazilian Liberation Committee, the documentary “Compassion in Exile” and part of His Holiness’s teachings when he was in Curitiba, in 1999. I participated in the translation of Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography: “My life and my experiences with the Truth”, published by Palas Athena with the support of the Consulate of India in Brazil.

These works had an immense influence on my life and have guided my values ​​as a human being and my activities as an educator. Over the past decades, I have participated in many seminars and courses about philosophy, mythology, ethics and meditation with teachers from the Hindu, Christian, Buddhists traditions. I have studied with special philosophers and teachers such as Edgar Morin, Jean Marie Muller and his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Precisely because I found many important common points in the life trajectory of people who spread philosophies and human values ​​relevant to the community, in 2014 I decided to dedicate my dissertation and got a master’s degree in Communication and Culture (UNISO), focusing on the journey of the spiritual hero. My work was supported and founded by the work of the American mythologist Joseph Campbell. I researched the life of the mystical and spiritual leader João de Camargo, a former slave who lived in Sorocaba, at the beginning of the 19th century. He attracted multitudes of people and performed countless healings, he is considered a Saint for his followers. He built a chapel that still attracts hundreds of pilgrims to this day every year.

In 2015 I founded the Coletivo Cultural Fora da Caixa and since then me and my team have been actively working on creating a space for learning and dialogue with the motivation to spread human values ​​such as altruism, compassion, empathy and generosity. At our headquarters we carry out a regular schedule of courses and tributes to pacifists like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Dalai Lama, philosophers and wisdom teachers. We hold meditation meetings, interreligious dialogue, non-violence strategies workshops and the programs Education for Peace and Leadership for the future.


I have been a practitioner of meditation since 2003. For almost 30 years I have been actively working on the implementation of projects of Peace Culture, Philosophy and Contemplative Practices. I am working on the research project about the impact of non-violence strategies, contemplative practices and social, emotional and ethical education with children, youth and adults. Also including the Covid effects on emotional balance of students. Currently I am studying in the sencond year of the Tibetan Medicine course.
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I have more videos in the magazine, all of them are in Portuguese, this one I posted is about Altruism and Compassion, it was inspired by the book "The Revolution of Altruism" by Matthieu Ricard.

Start in the field & motivations / Inicio en este campo y motivaciones

As an educator I want to share the examples of peacemakers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama with my community and students, teaching them the strategies of nonviolence and leadership to help them improving their relationship skills and communication abilities. I am a firm beliver in the power of example and that through the practice of contemplation, reflection and meditation they can achieve a better state of mind and fill their hearts with peace and good examples. This way they have a better chance to become good citizens and good hearted people.

Significant Career Moments & Success Stories / Momentos significativos de tu carrera y historias de éxito

The Leadership for the Future program was presented and awarded at the Adolescence Congress at UNIFESP in October 2018. In June 2018, we learned about SEE Learning framework, through His Holiness Dalai Lama at a meeting held at his official residence in Dharamsala with scientists and educators, organized by the Mind and Life Institute, which was broadcasted over the internet. We felt that there was an affinity between the work we were developing and the Social, Emotional and Ethical Education curriculum that Emory University, with the support of His Holiness, were preparing. We got in touch with Emory University, sent an article presenting the “Leadership” program that we were developing at Educandário and we were invited by Emory University to participate in the worldwide launch event and the Education Projects Fair, which took place in India between the April 4th and 6th, in the city of New Delhi in 2018.

In November 2019 we were invited by the Conectando Saberes Sorocaba Nucleus, supported by the Lemann Foundation and in partnership with the Sorocaba Municipal Secretariat, to receive an award for our “Leadership for the future” project, carried out by the Coletivo Cultural Fora da Caixa in partnership with Educandário and Instituto André Luiz. Our project was selected and recognized as one of the top ten in the city of Sorocaba. The award event was held during the Seminar Connecting Good Practices, held in the morning of November 22th in the city of Sorocaba, at the Education Reference Center.

What keeps you going? / ¿Qué te hace seguir?

I think that it is my life mission as an educator and thinker to open the minds and hearts of people, I have been devoted to my vocation/work since 2003 and so far nothing has brought me more satisfaction and happiness. I don't see myself doing anything else, hopefuly I will be working and spreading the message of peace and nonviolence till the last day of my life here in this planet.

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We have a digital magazine named Openzine where we publish articles and reports about our projects, there arte plenty of material available, please check the links of some of them:

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