Francesco Pistolato

MAIN Photo / Foto Principal
NameFrancesco Pistolato
Affiliated Organizations
  • Retired German Teacher
  • Translator
  • Organizer of Cultural Events
  • Peace Researcher
Country of origin / País de origenItaly
Country where you do your workItaly
Divisions / Motivations

Racism against refugees has been a major problem in Italy even before the crisis of coronavirus: despite our common sense, as people we can be very nasty. My peace education work is based on philosophy and is disseminated through a newsletter/broadcast via whatsapp and public lectures. In the bad moments there is always someone who reminds me that my efforts are not useless.

Start in the field & motivations / Inicio en este campo y motivaciones

I was always for personal freedom. The Italian participation in the war in Afghanistan and then in Iraq convinced me that I had to engage within my personal contributions from the field of education.

Significant Career Moments & Success Stories / Momentos significativos de tu carrera y historias de éxito

It’s hard to say what was the most striking moment in my peace education related work. I started with a lot of enthusiasm and continued in a peculiar way simply because I am deeply convinced about this cause. It is this conviction rather than my emotions that motivate me to continue.

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